Proudly associated with  AS-i ASSOCIATION and CMA

Proudly associated with  AS-i ASSOCIATION and CMA

Services & Engineering
Services and Engineering

The CPi approach to manufacture is to; “Build, Test and only then Ship to site” .

This method has proved very successful, especially with our remote and beyond our border projects. It is this success that leads us to design more and more kits complete with instrument, junction box and mounting solution. Generally the manufacturing requirement for a field bus based system is far less than a conventional PLC-I/O systems and normally only requires.

On Site Services


We do recommend that our Installation Supervisors assist the project team with the installation of the field bus systems. Their immense network experience will speed up and ensure the project success. Further resources for network installation and termination can also be provided. We also offer specialized services such as:


A great responsibility always rests on the projects commissioning team. This is mostly because  the project resources and time lines are exhausted. During this time experienced, hands-on  commissioning engineers are required to run the pre-operational testing and plant ramp-up phases. We at CPi have spent many days commissioning and have a wealth of in house experiences with this regard. A few key activities to successful commissioning, all of which we

can provide together with the required commissioning personnel, are :

All Panels and Kits are designed and built in-house and are shipped complete with fixing bolts, nuts and washers. This allows easy on site stores control especially with regards to consumables and streamlines the whole installation process. Packing and shipping preassembled units requires a high degree of integrity. CPi has over the years established strong packaging, crating as well as logistic partnerships for the safe delivery of our equipment anywhere in the world.

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Proudly associated with  AS-i ASSOCIATION and CMA

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