Proudly associated with  AS-i ASSOCIATION and CMA

Proudly associated with  AS-i ASSOCIATION and CMA

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Intelligent Conveyor Reporting & Control Solution

Control, Visualisation and Diagnostics

CPi offer a standard function block for their safety devices. This function block monitors the status of the safety device during normal and test operation and interlocks with the overall conveyor control logic.

Diagnostic information is visible on the standard CPi faceplate for SCADA or local HMI applications.

Diagnostic information:

Extract from Conveyor Belt Installations Regulation 8.9

8.9(8) The employer must take reasonable measures to ensure that the functionality of the devices contemplated in regulation 8.9(2)(f) and (g) and of any other safety devices relating to the conveyor belt installation are tested weekly.

Automated Testing of Pull switches, Estops, Guards

The conveyor operator tests each pull switch or safety device to ensure its correct mechanical/electrical operation.

During this test the associated audible and visual warnings will be activated to confirm functionality.

Once all safety devices have passed their tests, an audible confirmation is sounded and a report shall be automatically generated.


Reports are web based and stored in a Data warehouse for historical retrieval.

This allows multiple departments eg. Management, Safety, Engineering access to all historical  tests. A hard copy of reports for comment and filing can be generated.

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Proudly associated with  AS-i ASSOCIATION and CMA

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