Emergency Stop (E Stop) Stations

Emergency Stop (E Stop) Switches are used by operators to shutdown a machine, system, or process.

Emergency Stop Switches are mounted on machines and sections of plant conveyors that cannot be protected by guards.

In combination with any dual channel safety monitoring controllers these switches can be used as emergency stop devices and monitored for up to Category 4/PLe to ISO13849-1.

All IDEM’s Emergency Stop Switches conform to European Standard EN ISO13850 and IEC60947-5-5. They have a positive mechanical linkage between the switch contacts and the E Stop Button. The switches are mechanically latched and can then only be returned to the operational condition by pressing the reset button as required by EN ISO13850.

IDEM’s range of Explosion Proof E stop switches can withstand sparking and flames and are IECEx and ATEX certified.

Heavy Duty e stop – ISO13850