Intelligent Pull Switch Kit


  1. CPi’s Intellegent Pull Switch kit comprises of two Pull Switches mounted on brackets that
    are interlinked with a robust flexible conduit
  2. These units are placed on either side of the conveyor to ensure maximum protection
    from both sides of the conveyor with one central point for connections, power and
  3. CPi’s Intelligent Pull Switch kit comes with a steel enclosure complete with pre-wired
    terminals and an optional extra Beacon/Siren if required.
  4. The integrated AS-i safety slave shows the local status of the switch and also displays it
    on the SCADA via the two wire bus system to identify which pull switch was activated.


  •  Designed as a “Drop In” solution.
  • Can be installed on any width conveyor


  • Durable Galvanised or Powder Coated brackets.
  • Single Sided and Double Sided Versions available.
  • Easily interfaced to any system.
  • Different switch and contact configurations.
  • Can be used on Chairlift Installations